38th annual All Makes Auto & Truck show draws a crowd

The Capitol City Ford and Mustang Club held its 38th annual all makes auto and truck show.

The event gave automobile enthusiasts the chance to line up their motor classics for display. It was all for a good cause. 

“To still get 200 cars out on a day like today, we’re doing really well,” President of Capital City Ford and Mustang Club, Todd Grantski said. 

The event was opened to all cars and makes dating back from 1912 up until current models. 

For some, it’s a yearly tradition that guarantees a good time.

“Havelock car show, we’ve been doing this for the last several years. I’ve been bringing out my ’42 ford jeep every time I’ve come out. Always fun to get together with people, see what other people are doing with their cars,” Car Enthusiasts, Michael & Elizabeth Welsh said.

For others, it’s a friendly competition rooted in automobile excellence.

Every car is entered into a competition. Each model is classified in different groups and judges picked the winners.

“Some people like their early mustangs and Chevrolet, and some people like the new stuff. There’s a lot of really nice 4 wheel drive pickup trucks here this year. We got some exotic cars down here to, it’s kind of nice to see,” Grantski said. 

This years show wasn’t just for car lovers, it also helped raise money for a good cause.

All proceeds of the show will go to St. Gianna’s women’s home.

The donations will help victims of domestic abuse and neglect achieve the proper education, protection and financial literacy to get back on their feet.

“Have people from all over the state right now here on Havelock, having some fun, having some beautiful weather, taking the sting out of a husker loss, coming together to help out women you’ll probably never even meet, and to me, that’s just beautiful,” Catholic and Social Services of Southern Nebraska, Father Justin Fulton said.

The display is an example of hard work coming together for a common belief… to never give up.

“Take something that was probably once rusty in a field and turn it around into something really nice, which a lot of these cars came from things like that,” Welsh said. 

Today’s event was a great way for the community to come together. The streets were filled with plenty of smiles and good cheer.

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