3rd most recent death of a person who vapes… is there a correlation to these illnesses?

There are nearly 500 health cases related to vaping being investigated across the U.S. – 3 of them fatal.

Dozens of cases have been reported in the Midwest.

DHHS is investigating several in Nebraska in the past two weeks.

“Clearly, there could be potential damage to the lungs, there may be genetic susceptibilities to some of these agents that may be within these products.” Pulmonary Specialist at Bryan Health, Dr. John Trapp said.

Many of the cases involve teens or young adults, the largest demographic of vape users.

Stores in Lincoln say part of the problem links to individuals taking part in ‘black market’ type sales with unregistered distributors.

“If you are going to vape, get your vape from an organization that actually pays attention,” Alohma vapes CEO, Sam Salaymeh said. 

They say, in their understanding, the health cases may be more related to vape products of the cannabis industry.

“So to the point of understanding where we’re at right now, it is isolated to THC containing cartridges. As far as what they’re using as a carrier liquid to get that substance into your body, they’re using Vitamin E, is the cases that we’ve read about.” Regional Manager at Generation V, Davey Boardman said. 

They say, their ingredients are regularly studied and monitored to keep health effects down.

“In nicotine vape juice, the main carrier is what it’s called is propylene glycol. The reason they put propylene glycol in there is so the flavor bonds with the nicotine, and so it gets carried into your system better. Propylene gylcol was actually designed for air systems at hospitals to catch foreign contaminants in the air and get them down to the vents so they’re not floating around,” Boardman said. 

Despite the increase in concerns, local stores say demand for their products remains strong, and it hasn’t affected their bottom line.

“About anytime you see death related to our industry in the news, we definitely pay close attention because at the end of the day, that’s exactly why we exist as a company. That’s exactly why we exist as an industry, is to better people’s lives,” Boardman said. 

Health officials say no single vaping device, liquid or ingredient has been tied to all of the illnesses.

Many of those who have gotten sick reported vaping with THC.

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