47th annual Nebraska Walk for Life held in front of state capitol

Thousands of pro-life advocates marched down Centennial Mall to peacefully spread their message.

On a chilly Saturday morning, thousands of Nebraskans gathered in front of the state capitol to voice their support for the pro-life movement in the 47th annual Nebraska Walk for Life.

The event began in front of the Capitol with elected officials and select speakers addressing the crowd of more than 2,000 people.

“We need to return hate with love,” Gov. Pete Ricketts exclaimed. “That is how we win this battle and protect unborn babies.”

From there, pro-life advocates marched down Centennial Mall towards the Newman Center. Pat Castle, a pro-life advocate and the CEO of Life Runners, shared why he is passionate about the issue.

“It’s the most dangerous spot on the planet right now,” Castle said. “There’s more loss of life in the womb than anywhere else outside the womb.”

Present at the walk was a group of pro-choice advocates. They wanted to make sure their message was heard as well.

“I think it’s important to know that bodily autonomy is important,” says Destiny P. “I think that coming out here and advocating for unborn babies but not advocating for the millions of babies that are in poverty now and not doing anything to help them is kind of hypocritical.”

After the violence of a few weeks ago at the U.S. Capitol, Castle says he was grateful for the peaceful, yet powerful nature of this year’s Walk for Life.

“Praise God that people did not respond to everything going on in the country with fear,” Castle said. “This is the time more than ever to lean towards faith and courage to be able to speak up. Because if we don’t speak up against the wrong doing it the wrong way, how are we going to be able to represent the right way?”

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