5 COVID-19 positive patients at Bryan Health, 3 people on ventilators

Bryan Health officials said they have received four additional postive COVID-19 tests since Monday. 
Bryan Health

Bryan Health officials said they have received four additional positive COVID-19 tests since Monday.

In total, Bryan has tested 943 people and received 28 positive results, 770 negative results, and have 145 results still pending.

John Woodrich, CEO of Bryan Medical Center, said there are currently five patients who tested positive for COVID-19 currently in Bryan’s care. One of those people is on a ventilator, as well as two other people who have pending test results. Bryan Health has more than 130 ventilators ready for use if needed.

One patient was given hydroxychloriquine, an immunosuppressive drug used to treat malaria, lupus and arthritis. The drug has been touted by President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for COVID-19, leaving it in scarce supply in Nebraska and across the country.

Dr. Jim Nora, medical director, infection prevention, Bryan Medical Center, said hydroxichloriquine is a “big unknown,” and that he’s not sure if it will be effective for treating the coronavirus.

Nora also discussed the accuracy of COVID-19 testing and how many tests could be resulting in false negatives.

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