Possible drug treatment for COVID-19: hopeful for some, scary for others

The test on these drugs is complicating access for people who need them.
Corona Treatment

Excitement about treating the new coronavirus with two drugs is raising hopes.

President Donald Trump tweeted, ‘it has a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.’

However, the test on these drugs is complicating access for people who need them.

“It’s terrifying to think about, you know 3 months down the line and I might not have medicine that essentially keeps me alive,” said Rachael Miner. “Nobody wants to think about that because it’s really scary.”

The two drugs are called chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. One of them has been used for a wide spectrum of diseases including lupus. Doctors say the risks to an individual using the drugs are very high if the supply is low.

“These diseases can really easily flare up and you are needing stronger medicine that lower your immune system and that’s tough these days so please don’t hoard this stuff,” said Specialist in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Amy Garwood.

Racheal Miner says she’s scared of what her body will do if she doesn’t have access to this medication.

“My body would go into hyper drive again and I’m more susceptible to not only get coronavirus but to get other virus’s and then to end up with pancreatitis or other problems that would land me in the hospital and we are already know that there is a strain on the health care system as is,” said Miner.

The two doctors at Bryan Health say they have had dozens of calls since the news was released about testing the two drugs.

“A lot of our patients in the last few days have been frantic about the supply of it and whether their arthritis symptoms will really flare up if they are not able to get it and it’s not uncommon for this to be the only medicine that folks are on,” said Garwood.

A report from China claimed chloroquine helped more than 100 patients at 10 hospitals, but they had various degrees of illness and were treated with various doses.

“If it works then great, you know we can save lives in the process but I want to make sure that people like myself and others who rely on that drug to live our lives in some kind of normal fashion, still have access to it,” said Miner.

There is still a significant amount of work left to be done before declaring the drugs as a treatment option for coronavirus.

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