83 teams compete in an intense two day CrossFit competition

Men and women from all over the Midwest competed in a two day CrossFit competition in hopes of claiming the top spot.

It was the 3rd annual Railyard Riot hosted by CrossFit Lincoln.

With 83 teams of two competing this year, it set a new record.

“This is the biggest year yet. We even kind of expanded our reach. We had some Sioux Falls, we had a couple Kansas teams, just all over the place. Midwest right now but its just slowly going further and further,” Mark Schumather said. 

The teams were composed of people all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds.

When it comes to finding the ideal teammate, there needs to be the perfect balance.

“When you’re getting ready for competition you try to pick a partner to compliment you,” Steve Lucchino said. 

Lucchino said he trains three to four hours every day for five days a week.

The training can be tough but he says that competition takes it to a whole different level.

“You can’t put the hammer down in training like you do in competition. You can try as hard as you want but when you have people around yelling and when you have competition there it just takes you to another level. You’re willing to go to a pain cave, if I may, that you don’t always go to in training,” Lucchino said.

Coaches, spectators and competitors from earlier in the day were cheering on the final teams.

The event showcased the spirit of the CrossFit community.

“Our goal is to reach as many people and showcase as many people as we can. We had even the most amount of people this year and we even had a adaptive wheelchair bound athlete come out and compete on the team and she crushed it, she did super well,” Schumather said.

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