A business owner pays it forward during Black History Month

The owner gave $1,000 to a local therapist office to encourage people of color to continue seeking therapy during the pandemic. 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A small business owner is paying it forward for Black History Month.

The owner gave $1,000 to a local therapist’s office. It’s to encourage people of color to continue seeking therapy during the pandemic.

“As soon as I stopped fighting myself was when I took my power back,” says Aspen Tripplett, owner of Dassani Speaks Wire Jewelry. “It’s ok to mess up. It’s ok to not be perfect, it’s ok to be hard on yourself, and it’s ok to want better. But what’s not okay is just being complacent in that. You can have peace achieve all those goals without the stress.”

She started donating to mental health offices in Lincoln last May, and each month with her business thriving, donations have increased.

Aspen gave a check for $1,000 to Parallels Mental Health Counseling. Triplett owns Dassani Speaks Wire Jewelry, a successful business she started during the pandemic. It’s a therapy activity that helps her as she walks her own journey of recovery. She says it’s important for all people especially people of color to be able to afford therapy.

“Working with people of color as far as therapy goes is that’s really kind of where my heart automatically goes to but particularly in the last year just during the pandemic,” said Rachel Denney, a mental health practitioner. “This is going to impact individuals so much and I think that’s what touches me the most that someone else wanted to help them because that’s what we’re in this business for.”

Tripplett says she will continue to give back. A percentage of each purchase helps her continue to support the local mental health community in Lincoln. To support and here more about Aspen’s inspiration to give, click here.

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