A Lincoln family shares the challenges of school at home during COVID-19

Lincoln students are getting used to taking classes online.

Annabelle, like many other Lincoln students, is getting used to taking classes online.
Schools across the state have stopped classes face to face and switched to online learning.
Parents like Richard Okelberry say it can get tough to make sure each child has what they need at home.

“The difference is because one of them’s doing online learning and the other two are in public schools, we have to kinda keep them separate and let the kids know,” said Okelberry. “It’s kind of like library rules, they have to keep everything quiet.”

Annabelle attends Lincoln Lutheran Middle and is adjusting to school at home.
She enjoys it for now and in her free time, “I draw or I game,” says Annabelle.

But when learning begins,”We don’t fully have any projects because everyone’s new to it no one fully understands it I don’t either all I know is a few things,” says Annabelle.

Richard has three children, and social distancing is a concern as well.

“My son is very social in the neighborhood and he wants to be able to go out and play with his friends but he’s been able to play online with his friends,” adds Okelberry.
Annabelle says she misses some aspects of school like her pals.
“I miss my friends and I miss some of the teachers because my teachers can be pretty funny. So, it kind makes you have that worry that your friendship may slowly kind of distance.”
Richard compliments the way schools are adjusting to the conditions.
“They’ve done a good job piecing this all together, I didn’t expect them to do it so quickly,” said Okelberry. “You can hear the teacher talking and you can even hear how some of the kids interacting and talking with them so it feels like their actually in school.”

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