A New Break-Through will change Lincoln Marijuana Investigations


Yesterday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office announced a new test that can differentiate between hemp products and marijuana. Currently, they are the only agency in the state to have it. 

A Douglas County forensic chemist stated that the test had been validated in a laboratory setting and tested on known samples. 

Confusing hemp with marijuana is a recent issue, attributed to the passage of a law in May allowing licensed farmers to grow hemp in Nebraska. This crop is required to be tested in order to confirm it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, which is the chemical that gives marijuana it’s “high” effect users may feel.

Since hemp looks and smells like marijuana, it is difficult for officers to tell the differences on scene. With no way to confirm if a substance found on someone’s person is, in fact, legal, prosecutors have begun to hesitate. The Lancaster County Attorney’s Office has even stopped prosecuting some possession cases altogether.

But, this new test may be the answer. It uses scientific methods to determine what percentage of the product is THC. 

As for the rest of the state, Nebraska State Patrol’s crime lab has this new technology, but is still working to validate the results so they can hold up in court.

As for Lancaster County and the Lincoln Police Department, officials say they’re still looking for labs where this testing can be done.



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