A new wave of Huskers move in as fall semester approaches

Carts, full hands, and cardboard boxes everywhere.. These are all signs of another wave of huskers moving in to the University Of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Clouds and rain didn’t stop students who came from all across the country to unpack and start a new chapter in their lives, like Nadine Rayburn of Denver.

“Coming here is nice. I really like the atmosphere here, everybody’s really nice. This was just a good a fit because it was the right distance from home and just the right place,” said Nadine. She plans to study theater.

While Nadine is excited to be a husker, her mother’s family might need time to get used to it.

“I went to CU-Boulder so it’s not a very popular pick in my family because I’m a CU Buffalo and now my daughter is a Husker,” said Jen Moriarty, Nadine’s mother.

Other new huskers didn’t have to move quite so far. Isaiah Sattlefield is from Papillion and though he isn’t far from home, he says he’s ready for some independence.

“I haven’t quite experienced yet but I’m excited for the chance. Since I’m close, I can always come back,” said Isaiah. Isaiah plans to study environmental restoration.

While proud of his son, and all his other children that have moved away from home, Isaiah’s father says an empty house will take getting used to.

“Now we’re going toward a totally empty house so that’s going to be something different for me. It’s kind of exciting but also kind of sad in a sense, but I’m still really excited for them,” said Anthony Sattlefiled, Isaiah’s father.

The new freshmen have some jitters as they begin to study what they believe is their calling.

“I think I’m going to be really homesick but I am really excited to make a bunch of new friends,” said Nadine.

“Staying on top of math. I’m bad at math,” said Isaiah.

As parents say goodbye, they have one last piece of advice for their children.

“Do well in school. Focus on your academics, focus on your grades, and have fun,” said Jen.

“Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize, and always remember where you came from. Stay true to yourself,” said Anthony.

Classes at UNL resume on Monday, August 26.

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