A special dog in need of her forever home

Three-year-old German Shepard/Pit Bull Mix, Baby Girl has spent over half her life waiting to be chosen.

She’s been at the Capital Humane Society for two years now, one of the longest stays the staff has ever seen.

“Dogs with restrictions do tend to sit a little longer but not always sometimes it surprises you which ones go first and which ones stay,” Shelby Backhus with the Pieloch Adoption Center said.

First impressions are always important but Baby Girl is a little timid and has shown some aggression towards men so it may take a few meetings for her to get to know you.

“The first meet may take her a little while to warm up but the second may go a little faster, it just kind of depends,” Backhus said. 

Staff also recommends that she goes to a home that is canine, feline and child free.

If you have a squeaky toy for her, well, she’ll never stop smiling.

“She is a very loving dog, she loves her squeaker toys. She loves to run around and roll on the floor with them,” Backhus said. 

Baby Girl is on a very regimented schedule now and does require medication for her thyroid issues.

The staff suggest that she go to a home that has dealt with dogs in the past.

When she finds her forever home, it’ll be a long time coming but a sad goodbye.

“We’ll be super excited but a little sad to see her go when she does find that forever home. She is kind of a staff favorite around here so it’ll be bittersweet to see her go,” Backhus said. 

The Capital Humane Society said they will keep waiting to find Baby Girl her perfect home and there’s no amount of days, months, or years that they will give up hope.

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