Advanced Chiropractic Solutions hosts breakfast for first responders

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A chaotic morning in Lincoln took some first responders away from a pancake breakfast in their honor.

Advanced Chiropractic Solutions hosted the event Saturday morning as a way to celebrate the dangerous work these individuals perform.

Brian Hay-Stuart, one of the organization’s chiropractors, said planning for this event took about a month and was inspired by past donation events he did in high school.

“This is an easy, fun way for us to generate money and give back to the patients,” he said.

The organization planned a donation that would go toward posture screenings for first responders.

“We see [first responders] every day,” Hay-Stuart said. “We love to get to know them and give back to them. To make sure that they are healthy.”

Responders had to leave the breakfast early to respond to a multitude of calls around Lincoln, but for many in attendance, this showed how important their jobs are.

Duke Egli, a fellow chiropractor, said responders have to be ready to respond to any situation much like what happened during the breakfast.

“They’re necessary to keep the community running,” he said. “They are the ones who come running when others are in trouble.”

Egli said being able to work with responders is an honor since they do so much for the community.

“They are in a profession where they need to be confident in their body and what they do to stay healthy so they can keep other people healthy,” he said.

For fellow co-worker, Denison Salisbury, watching first responders care for Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin inspired his want to help out.

“When he had his injury on the field and there was someone there who was able to do CPR to resuscitate him; that quick care it gave us a little bit of a fire,” he said.

Salisbury said that inspiration was shown when officials jumped up after being needed and staff continued to tell the story as visitors stopped in.

“I’d say we’ve had 50, 60 people here,” he said. “Each person has been very generous and has donated to us.”

The event raised $328 dollars and Advance Chripratoic Solutions added another $1ooo to that total.

Donations will be accepted for the rest of January and can be made through their Facebook page.

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