Advocates of permitless concealed carry gather at Nebraska State Capitol

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Advocates of a controversial concealed carry bill being proposed in the Nebraska Legislature came to the State Capitol on Friday.

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach rallied in support pf the bill and several other causes.

“It should have been passed last year,” said Allie French, the founder of the group. “It was unfortunately hung up to political malarkey, I guess is about the best way we can put it.”

This comes a day after Sen. Tom Brewer of Gordon proposed a bill that would allow Nebraskans to carry a handgun without a permit or training.

The proposal failed to make it past a filibuster last year, falling two votes shy. But Brewer tells the Nebraska Examiner he’s simplified it this time around.

“We kept the bill clean,” he said. “Amendments last year confused folks. There were some who didn’t know where to be and either sat on the fence, didn’t commit or voted against it.”

But Brewer still expects opposition.

Both the Lincoln Police Department and Omaha Police Department were against his proposal last year, along with several state senators.

Sen. Megan Hunt has previously said this proposal would increase “vigilante justice.”

But 25 states have passed similar legislation, and Brewer is confident a more conservative Legislature in Nebraska will pass his proposal this time around.

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