Another scattered storm chance on Saturday

More rain moved through the area on Friday. While the vast majority of the storms were non-severe, they were moving over some outflow boundaries that had little pockets of spin along them. As a result, we saw a few tornado warnings for landspout tornadoes in the Channel 8 coverage area, with at least one skirting Aurora.

Landspout in Aurora

I do not expect a lot of severe weather on Friday night, although we will likely be dodging some showers and storms. The storm activity should taper off as we head into the overnight hours, although a few showers can’t be totally ruled out.

By early Saturday morning, we’ll likely be dealing with more scattered storm activity. Scattered storms will persist into the afternoon, so the rain gear may come in handy for another day. Again, these will be hit-or-miss. This means that some could see healthy rain totals whereas others may not see so much.

Stormcast Saturday

Temperatures have the potential to reach the upper-80s on Saturday in Lincoln. However, it’ll be another one of those days where showers will push rain-cooled air into areas nearby. So if you come across one of the scattered showers on Saturday, you’ll see some relief from the heat.

Saturday Forecast

Temperatures on Sunday will also be very warm, although I suspect rain chances won’t be quite as high. Nevertheless, an isolated storm or two can’t be ruled out on Sunday.

Weekend Forecast

As we head into next week, we have a couple of small chances for rain. However, it does appear to be a drier stretch overall. It’ll be warm too, with a mix of 80s and 90s for highs.

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron

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