Army veteran graduates Veterans Treatment Court

After 18 months in a rehabilitative veterans program, army vet Aaron Sherman did something he thought he would never do, graduate.

“I’ve never had the little push to just say, hey just do it now, so you know that’s a big life changing thing for me and I can’t be thankful enough,” Graduate, Aaron Sherman said.

After facing legal troubles, he was introduced to the Lancaster County Veterans Treatment Court (LCVTC).

The program is for vets who may suffer from substance abuse issues, mental health problems, post traumatic stress disorders and more.

Sherman found himself struggling after serving 9 years with the National Guard, but Tuesday he felt much different.

“I was very distraught, very unbalanced and didn’t know what to do with myself and now I have a clear picture of what I’m doing,” Sherman said.

Sherman was given a mentor, someone who has also served in the military, someone who he says is a big reason he made it to this day.

“To know that I was a small part to help him move forward in his life and maybe help continue his life a little bit, it made me feel really good,” Aaron’s Mentor, Greg Holloway said.

Along with friends and family, Holloway has been a big part of Sherman’s support system.

“We both help each other, kind of unload my mind and what I’m going through and be able to have somebody to relate to my situation a little bit,” Sherman said.

This is Holloway’s first year mentoring. He hopes he can make the same impact for other veterans.

“If I can maybe stay involved and maybe make him a mentor someday, he’ll be able to be a really good mentor because he knows what the program is and how to encourage another young veteran to go through it right,” Holloway said.

Aaron says making goals was a big part of the program. Here’s his advice to anyone who may feel hesitant.

“Change is scary but you know what’s more scary is regret,” Sherman said.

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