Avoid the boot in downtown Lincoln

By:  Newsroom

The City of Lincoln parking services will begin using the device to immobilize vehicles with multiple unpaid tickets.

Beginning Monday, April 23, City Parking Services will begin using  the boot.  It's a device designed to prevent the vehicle from being moved and will be placed on the driver's side front tire along with a window notice to the registered owner indicating known violations.  City Parking Manager Ken Smith said the boot is considered to be a better option for violators because it allows the vehicle to remain in place instead of being towed.

Vehicles are subject to boot immobilization if records indicate one of the following:


  • multiple unpaid parking citations at least 15 days old
  •  outstanding fines totaling at least $250

A registered owner whose vehicle has been booted will have until 10 a.m. the following day to pay all outstanding fines to have the boot removed.  After 10 a.m., the vehicle may be towed. All  vehicles booted or towed are assessed a $50 fee.

Drivers can find out about outstanding citations by visiting parkandgo.org or calling Parking Services at 402-441-PARK(7275).   Fines and costs can be paid online at parkandgo.org or in person at Parking Services, 850 “Q” St., from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays.

“Short-term on-street parking is essential for customers who come downtown to shop, do business or enjoy a meal at one of Lincoln's fine restaurants,” said Smith.  “Well-managed parking is essential to our quality of life and the economic development of downtown Lincoln.”

Smith said that, while booting is a less intrusive than towing, the City's preference is to neither boot or tow.  “The best solution is to follow the law and pay tickets in a timely manner if cited,” he said..