Bailey Boswell’s attorneys say jury was tainted by photos shown in court

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Nebraska’s Supreme Court is considering whether Bailey Boswell is entitled to a new trial due to the graphic nature of the photos shown during her trial.

Boswell and her attorneys are using that argument to appeal the life sentence she received in 2017 for the torture and murder of Sydney Loofe.

The court heard arguments on the appeal on Wednesday, according to Nebraska Public Media.

More than 50 photos of Loofe’s body parts were shown to the jury throughout the trial.

Todd Lancaster, Boswell’s attorney, said showing jurors that many gruesome images served only to “rile up their emotions.”

But Assistant Attorney General Stacy Foust said the photos were necessary.

“To me, the photographs were essentially crime scene photographs,” she told the court. “The difference here is because of Trail and Boswell’s actions, there were actually multiple crime scenes with multiple body parts, and the state was entitled to present each to the jury.”

The justices will review the case and release their ruling later this year.

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