BBB Scam Alert: Fake coronavirus tests

Scarcity often leads to potential scams for a product that does not exist.

LINCOLN, Neb(KLKN)- The Better Business Bureau says the FDA is warning people of fraudulent coronavirus tests, vaccines and treatments.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since the arrival of the omicron variant, the increase of testing for COVID-19 has become a concern. They say scarcity often leads to potential scams for a product that doesn’t exist.

How the scam works:

The BBB says robocalls are sent out to consumers directing them to a website that looks like a clinic or medical supply company offering COVID-19 tests. These tests allegedly identify if a person has been infected with coronavirus, even if they have recovered. However, to receive a test, a credit card or a form needs to be completed with personal information. The BBB says the person or website selling the test is normally short on details.

How to avoid fake coronavirus tests:

The BBB suggests that you talk to your doctor. They can help figure out if the test will be covered by insurance and where to find a legitimate clinic.

Next, research before buying and understand your options. Scammers put pressure on people to buy or commit without giving them much time to do any further research.

Lastly, never share your personal information with strangers and check claims of FDA approval. The FBI says not all COVID-19 antibody tests have been approved by the FDA. You can check the FDA website for a list of approved tests and testing companies.

If you have been a victim of a scam, report it online at

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