Bennet Fire and Rescue looking to cut down response times with new ambulance in 2023

BENNET, Neb. (KLKN) – Bennet Fire and Rescue is getting the town’s first ambulance in 2023, which could make their response time to medical emergencies significantly faster.

The fire department held a fundraiser Saturday to help offset the cost of the new rig, which comes with the hefty price tag of over $350,ooo.

“There’s a lot of expenses that go into getting an ambulance, and we’re primarily a fire protection district, so all these ambulance expenses are really kind of putting a strain on our fire budget,” said Fire Chief Tim Norris.

The move comes after Lincoln Fire and Rescue announced they would no longer be accepting transports out of Bennet, which makes owning an ambulance a necessity.

“They’re really busy in Lincoln, and they can hardly keep up with the calls they have,” said Norris. “When they send an ambulance out, it shorts the service that they’re providing to Lincoln, which is their primary responsibility, so we understand that.”

Norris also said having their own ambulance will drastically reduce the response time for the department, as they won’t have to wait for paramedics to make the 20-minute drive out to Bennet and back to Lincoln.

“We can get someone loaded and start heading toward Lincoln and meet them halfway, so that’s going to cut down on time,” Norris said.

There is overwhelming support from Bennet residents regarding the new equipment, with many saying they will feel more comfortable having an ambulance at the ready.

“It’s all about timing and giving you the services you need as quickly as you can,” said Bennet resident Luke Pellah. “If having an ambulance can get us to the hospital that much faster, it’s absolutely worth the cost.”

Five members of the Bennet Fire and Rescue will attend EMT training beginning in January, so they will be ready to go when the ambulance arrives.

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