Breonna Taylor Grand Jury court records released

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Still stationed by the exit points, Cosgrove notices the officer breaking down the door does not have another officer to cover him. So, Cosgrove leaves his current position to catch up with this officer, acting as his cover.

He confirms that John Mattingly is the first to enter the residents, with the rest of the officers following after.

“I’m immediately overwhelmed with this darkness,” said Cosgrove. “It is extremely dark in this apartment.”

As Mattingly crosses the threshold, things quickly escalate.

“I see blinding vivid white light… and I see blackness at the same time. This dark, dark, deep black and these vivid white flashes. At the same time, I’m seeing these flashes, I know that John Mattingly is at my feet. I’m also not hearing anything. It is-It is completely mute.”

“I see this distorted shadowy mass, figure-this figure in front of me that is, it’s coming and going due to the flashing light. This is all happening again in seconds. Seconds.”

While knocking on the door, Cosgrove corroborates Mattingly’s statement that an upstairs neighbor appeared.

“I hear some challenge words. Brett Hankison’s challenging somebody… there’s quite a bit of shouting going on,” said Cosgrove. “The gentleman upstairs says something like- and again I’m not, this is not quote- but I hear something like ‘Leave that girl alone’ or ‘There’s a girl there,’ something like that.”

Soon after they were given the order to enter the residence. Cosgrove estimates that the whole ordeal lasted about two-minutes.

“They knock and they knock and they knock, and this goes on for probably a minute,” said Cosgrove. “And during that minute I am shining my lights- my light, my flashlight- into the sliding glass door.”

Cosgrove’s assignment was to cover exit points, positioned in front of the sliding glass door.

Cosgrove said the rest of the officers lined up near the entryway to Taylor’s residence. Then an officer began to knock.

“Typically we say ‘Police, search warrant, come to the door.’  I’m not exactly sure what they said verbatim, but I know I did hear the words ‘Police, search warrant.'”

The second interview was held with Detective Miles Cosgrove.

Cosgrove said that during the briefing earlier that day, they “were asked repeatedly… that this was a- what I call- a soft target. We were asked to please knock and announce, to use our maturity as investigators to get into this house. That-to not basically hit the door…”

While knocking on Taylor’s residence, a neighbor above her came out to speak with officers. Mattingly said the exchange seemed to make another officer, Brett, anxious. “Brett was a little worked up… I remember saying ‘Brett, relax.'”

Upon entering the residence, Mattingly sees a male and a female in the bedroom area.

The man had a gun and fired at Mattingly.

“As soon as the shot hit, I could feel the heat in my leg… I could feel blood on my leg, so I reached around and felt it and my hand was full of blood.”

At this time he made his way out of the residence.

“When I stepped off the curb and tripped… I remember as soon as I hit the ground… I could hear all of the sudden ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.’ Several shots at that point it seemed like.”

After knocking, one officer heard movement inside, assuming someone was coming to answer the door.

When this didn’t happen they “kept banging, announcing.”

A short time later, officers began to kick the door down.

Officer John Mattingly was the first to be interviewed by the Louisville Police Department in late March.

Mattingly was the officer shot when serving the warrant.

He reports that he and another officer drove by Taylor’s residence about 45 minutes before serving the warrant to confirm it was the correct location.

However, when they arrived to serve the warrant, another vehicle was there that they had not seen before, a 2004 Toyota.

Mattingly reports that he did knock at Breonna Taylor’s residence. We banged on it again, no response.

“We predetermined to give her plenty of time to come to the door. So we banged on the door, no response. We banged on it again, no response. So we announced ourselves ‘Police, please come to the door.’ ‘Police, we have a search warrant.'”

Mattingly says they probably banged on the door at “six or seven time periods.”

Audio recordings from the Grand Jury proceedings concerning the shooting death of Breonna Taylor have been released. The records amount to about 20 hours of audio.

Our Channel 8 Eyewitness News reporters are currently reviewing these records and will be bringing you updates throughout the day.

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