Bryan Health talks returning to work following coronavirus exposure

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Tuesday, Bryan Health discussed the CDC’s new guidelines, which were updated in late July. The big question being how to appropriately return to work after possibly being exposed to coronavirus.

Most employers will require the individual produces a negative result following a coronavirus test, sometimes even two negatives.

“We certainly appreciate employers thinking very hard and carefully about when an employee should return to work,” Bryan Health’s Dr. Jim Nora commented.

However, after six months of widespread testing being available, new research shows testing has fallen to the wayside. The latest guidance from the CDC says testing as a return to work strategy is not recommended.

Dr. Nora highlight two reasons why this is the case. First, this practice uses up supplies.

“We are ultimately getting more supplies but, the demand nationwide for these test has picked up. As such we’re still limited,” said Dr. Nora. “So we really have to spend our testing resources wisely”.

Second, the tests do not yield the most accurate results. Dr. Nora says these tests detect both the live and dead virus. A better method is to preform cultures to distinguish between live and dead virus.

Otherwise, the CDC says if the individual goes ten days without coronavirus symptoms, they are likely to not be infectious. If this individual will be around high risk populations, they recommend 20 days. But, masking while in the office is still important to mitigate risk.


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