Chilliest air this week arrives for Friday

A reinforcing shot of cold air has arrived, and Friday will feature some of the chilliest air we will experience this week. Wind chills during the morning will sit in the subzero territory, with actual air temperatures in the lower teens and single digits. We’ll see some slight improvement in wind chill values throughout the day, but it will still be cold.

Wind Chill Forecast

High temperatures will likely be in the upper-20s to near 30° for most. It will be breezy during the day, with afternoon wind chills stuck in the teens. Mostly sunny skies will accompany the cold air.

Friday Forecast

Temperatures will drop fairly quickly on Friday evening, perhaps into the upper teens by the 8-10 p.m. window. However, a new wave of clouds arrives late Friday which should push temperatures back into the 20s overnight Friday.

Friday Night Forecast

Some clouds will be with us on Saturday, and it will remain cold all day long. That said, temperatures quickly climb thereafter. We’re forecasting highs in the 50s on Sunday, and 50°+ high temperatures will be a common theme next week.

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron

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