City officials announce steps to combat gun violence in Lincoln

City leaders on Thursday announced steps to combat gun violence and keep firearms out of the hands of children. 

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird, surrounded by law enforcement officials and members of the Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Task Force on Child Access to Firearms, unveiled the plan at a press conference at the County-City Building. 

The plan includes providing a program to offer free gun locks to anyone applying for a handgun permit, an educational campaign including public service announcements, and future home weapon safety training classes and videos. 

“We have watched in horror as tragedy upon tragedy have robbed too many children and adults of their futures,” Gaylor Baird said. 

Since 2008, an average of 149 guns have been reported stolen, according to Lincoln Police Department data. The highest number since 2000 came in 2007, with 238 reports, and the lowest in 2001 with 115. 

Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said his department continues to use data evaluation and crime analysis to map parts of the city where gun discharges occur. 

Gaylor Baird said at the press conference she supports two ordinances making their way through City Council. One would require gun owners to secure their firearms inside their vehicles. The other would require people to report a stolen gun within 48 hours or face fines or possible jail time. 



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