Climate Action Protest in Lincoln

UNL Students march to the capitol to demand action on climate change.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Students from the University of Nebraska marched from the student union building to the steps of the capitol to take part in a climate action protest.

The group, Embrace Lincoln, said they have three demands for Nebraska lawmakers.  They want a climate action plan similar to the one Lincoln already has.  They want Nebraska to switch to regenerative farming practices.  Those practices include crop rotation, composting, and no-till farming. Lastly they want the state to transition to renewable energy, specifically wind and solar power.

One of the core members of the group, Rachel Hines explained how they and others can get through to those who don’t agree with the message.

“I know for a fact some people don’t like the term ‘climate change’, they’d rather just see the impacts.  If you show them, hey there’s more floods, there’s more high heat, there’s this, and here’s the financial impact of that.  If you involve cost, that’ll get people to join sides because money is a common issue between both parties.”

In total there were around 40 people that took part in the march and rally.

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