Collective Impact Lincoln wants your opinion on how to improve housing

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – With rent prices soaring, the need for affordable housing in the area grows.

That’s underscored by “skyrocketing” evictions in Lincoln since the moratorium ended, according to Alicia Phillips, project manager at Collective Impact Lincoln.

“It’s at least, at the minimum, 40 to 50 evictions happening in our city in a week, which is really unacceptable,” she said.

Collective Impact is a nonprofit working to make sure everyone has a voice when it comes to affordable housing in the area. It created a scorecard that it hopes developers and people in the community will use to see what people feel is valuable, equitable and important in their neighborhoods.

“Is it accessible to transportation? Is there going to be a grocery store around?” Phillips said. “Making sure that nobody lives in a food desert or a place where they can’t get to work or get food for their family.”

Collective Impact has been working mainly in six neighborhoods so far — Belmont, Clinton, Everett, Hartley, Near South and University Place — with the goal of improving living conditions.

“If we all work together, and we do it in a way that is not biased or discriminatory, we all can live a good life and everybody can have a piece of the pie,” Phillips said. “We just need to have conversation and, you know, discuss what we need and also, like, what we want. Just because people are low-income, they shouldn’t lack the things that we are seeing in high-income neighborhoods.”

Collective Impact held a community event to introduce this scorecard idea, grabbing the attention of city leaders.

“I came to listen in on what everyone else had to say” Councilwoman Sandra Washington said. “I didn’t have any reason to speak because I am pretty well versed in affordable housing. Certainly, I want to see more attention put towards affordable housing, and anything that can help us move in that direction to help the city of Lincoln get there, I’m supportive.”

Everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions and submit a scorecard.

You can email with any further questions or to submit your scorecard.

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