Columbus infant dies after being left in vehicle, police say

Columbus police officials said a one-year-old boy was found dead in a vehicle Wednesday night in Columbus. 

Police told Channel 8 Eyewitness News the vehicle was at the boy’s 37-year-old mother’s workplace, and the boy was left inside while his mother was at work after she forgot to drop him off at daycare. 

Officials have not released the name of the mother or the infant. 

Police said they are continuing to investigate, and the case will likely be deferred to the Platte County Attorney’s Office to determine what charges – if any – will be filed. 

This isn’t the first child death in the area, however. In June, an unattended 16–month–old child died in a hot car in Sioux City…

“We do frequently get calls of people leaving their pets and children in vehicles. It’s a critical issue, and we have actually charged people with child neglect for leaving their children in a car this time of year because of the heat,”  says Lt. Douglas Adams of the South Sioux City Police. 

On average, about 38 children in the united states die each year from being left in hot vehicles, and according to, the number this year is already just 8 shy of the national average.

In 2018 alone, 53 children died, the highest number in recent years. 

Facts show that parents suffer from exhaustion due to lack of sleep, hormone changes, stress and changes in their normal routine which can cause your memory to fail when you least expect it.

“Anytime that you’re transporting children, you need to be really concerned that you don’t leave that baby in the car seat. Temperatures can rise really quickly this time of year when it’s parked and not turned on.”

Some safety tips suggested by for all us to remember. You can make it a habit of opening the backseat door every time you park by simply putting a purse, cellphone or work ID by your child; something that will make you go back to your vehicle if you forget. You can also ask your child care provider to call you immediately if the child hasn’t arrived as scheduled.

For more information or safety tips, you can visit the kids and cars website. 




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