Corn Growers call on Pres. Trump to support ethanol

The Nebraska Corn Growers Association joins forces with farmers from across the country on ethanol policy.

NCGA Pres. Dan Nerud joined corn leaders from nearly two dozen states who wrote to Pres. Trump, urging him to stand by his commitment to the Renewable Fuel Standard.

In a letter written on behalf of more than 300,000 corn farmers nationwide, they expressed concern about the number of ethanol plants that have closed or idled.

They blame waivers given out to oil companies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently approved 31 new RFS waivers to oil refineries

Corn growers say the 85 total waivers approved by the Trump Administration undermine growth potential for higher blends of ethanol, reduce demand, lower the value of the corn crop, and put the outlook for the rural economy in jeopardy.

“Corn farmers are not asking for a special deal. We are simply asking, as we have been for the past two years, that your EPA uphold the law,” the letter states.

Nerud and corn growers pointed to ethanol plants that had closed or idled in several states following the most recent waiver approval.

“These closures have cost 2,700 rural jobs and impacted demand for more than 300 million bushels of corn.

Corn farmers are beginning harvest and continuing to lose markets to deliver their corn. Frustration in the countryside is growing,” the letter said.

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