Lancaster County’s COVID risk dial moves to red

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – According to Director Pat Lopez, Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department has moved the COVID-19 risk dial to high, or severe risk (red).

As expected holiday travel, the omicron variant, and people letting down their guard have aided in the recent increase of COVID cases in Lancaster County.

Within the last week in December, cases rose from an average of 128 cases per day to 218 cases per day.

Lincoln’s positivity rate also jumped almost 5% in the last week of December.  December ended with a positivity rate of 16.7%, the week prior the positivity rate was 11.9%.

In addition to the jump in cases, Lancaster County reports three more covid deaths today, two were unvaccinated.

Despite entering level red, Lancaster County does not currently have a mask mandate.


This will be the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that Lancaster County has ever entered risk level red.

Lancaster County Health Department urges people to get vaccinated if they have not yet done so and if you’re vaccinated to get your booster.

The CDC recently updated their previous recommendation for Pfizer booster doses, if you have received your second dose 5 months ago you are eligible to receive a booster.  Previously, the period between boosters and initial vaccination was 6 months.  It is recommended to get a booster 6 months after your Moderna vaccine or 2 months after the Johnson and Johnson vaccination.

Monochromal anti-body treatment will be available in Lancaster County soon.

The Lancaster County Health Department suggests the following now that Lancaster county has entered risk level red.

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