Crime Tip Tuesday: Halloween safety

If you want to enjoy all treats and no tricks this year, there are a few safety tips you should follow.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – As you prepare to hit the streets for treats, you may want to keep a few safety tips in mind.

To start, always have a plan in place. Know where you (or your kids) are going, and make sure you set a curfew for them to stick to. If they’re alone, you’ll want some way to get in touch with them if they happen to miss that deadline.

Costumes should be visible, no matter how scary they’re supposed to be. That means bright colors, reflectors, or anything else that can help children stand out on a dark Halloween night.

In case your children get the wrong sort of attention, you’ll want to have had the “stranger danger” talk with them, just to be safe.

Give all candy a check before digging in, to make sure it looks safe.

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