Crime Tip Tuesday: Law Enforcement Exploring

A group from the Boy Scouts of America have teamed up with LPD with some great results.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – They could be the future of law enforcement: the young men and women of Explorer Post 575. That’s a partnership between the Boy Scouts of America and the Lincoln Police Department to introduce young people to a possible career in law enforcement.

This year was their first big test, with a competition against 10 other groups in Topeka, Kansas. The competition puts the teams into police-related situations, like officer down, search warrant service, active shooter, investigation, and more. The Top Explorer Challenge is an enhanced part of the competition featuring survival scenarios, physical agility, and a pre-employment interview.

Post 575 did pretty well on their debut, with 2nd place in crime scene investigation and 3rd place in physical agility. Those results played into their 6th place overall ranking.

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