Crisp evening temperatures and blustery winds today 10/20/2021

Northwest NE is starting off this Wednesday with some snow, while northeast NE is starting it off with scattered rain. This widespread activity is all thanks to a low pressure system and cold front that is currently moving around NE. Current temperatures are mild for a fall morning and are in the 50s and 60s. We technically already saw our high temperatures just after midnight this morning due to still being ahead of the front. Once the front passes through around sunrise, temperatures will start to fall as cooler air builds into the area. Temperatures will hover around the mid to upper 50s this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies and gusty winds around 30 mph. Wind chill values will be in the 40s and 50s so make sure to have a jacket today! The 30s return for some of the area overnight as well as some patchy frost. Temperatures gradually warm a little by Friday, but highs remain in the low 60s. The mid-60s return this weekend as well as a small chance for rain on Sunday.

Meteorologist Brittany Foster



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