David City business owners respond to Mayor’s mask mandate

The residents in David City are both supportive and indifferent about the Mayor using his emergency power to implement a mask mandate on Saturday.

DAVID CITY, Neb. (KLKN) – Residents and business owners are both supportive and indifferent about Mayor Alan Zavodny’s decision to sign an executive order mandating masks in David City on Saturday.

I think that it’s great that he stepped up an decided to do something cause the cases are just getting bigger and bigger and we’re such a small population for Butler County,” says Heather Faz, manager and head designer at 402 Floral, a floral and coffee shop in the heart of the town.

“When you look at the numbers and how many cases have popped up even just since October, I’m glad he took that initiative to say that we need to curb the spread,” Faz says. 

But Faz and 402 Floral were ahead of Mayor Zavodny and began requiring customers to wear their masks in the store in mid-October.

“We do get a lot of elderly people that walk through these doors and because COVID does effect a lot of elderly people, we just felt we wanted to protect them as a business as a whole and hopefully we would lead the way for other local businesses to do the same,” Faz says. 

And they did lead the way, according to Jeanne Osborn, one of the owners of Osborn heating and plumbing, just down the road from the floral shop.

“You know, you’re worried you might offend someone and when I noticed a few other businesses doing that, I thought ‘you know, it is our business’ and I think its for their protection as well as ours,” Osborn says.

Osborn says customers and businesses seem to be about 50/50 when it comes to following the mandate.

“Most of the people would come in and have their mask on and others ignore it like it wasn’t there,” she says.

Mayor Zavodny’s decision surprised and delighted Osborn.

“I thought bonus, way to go Mr. Mayor. . . I don’t think its going to hurt anyone, I think its protection for the community and I was glad to see the step.”

There are businesses in David City who disagree with the mandate, too. Several businesses, from grocers to restaurants, declined to comment on the topic when approached. One hardware store owner said he doesn’t feel strongly about the mandate either way, but isn’t enforcing it in his store.

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