Days after storm, some Lincoln sidewalks are still snowpacked

Snow-covered sidewalks and bus stops are making it tough for some Lincoln residents to get around town.

The city of Lincoln is trying their best to clear its sidewalks of snow, but some folks who rely on public transportation are still having trouble getting around.

Ruth Jensen, a Lincoln resident who uses StarTran buses to get around the city, says the past few days have been tough for her because many bus stops and sidewalks are covered in snow.

“I had to wade two piles of snow that were about knee-deep,” Jensen said.

Larry Messinger, who walks around the city on foot to run errands, says that he’s frequently had to walk in several feet of snow and on medians to get around.

“[The snow] piles up, so you’ve got to step up and over the mound to get to the other side just to cross the street,” Messinger said. “You’ve got three boundaries and it’s difficult to get across.”

The Lincoln Municipal Code, Section 14.80, states that adjacent property owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow and ice accumulations by 9:00 a.m. the morning following the end of each storm. Residents are responsible for clearing residential sidewalks, businesses are responsible for clearing commercial sidewalks, and the city is responsible for clearing city sidewalks.

What percentage of sidewalks have been cleared? Residents say it doesn’t feel like very many.

“Sidewalks? I’d say about 75% congested. Snow-packed,” Messinger said.

The city says the best approach for attending to the issue is for the public to report instances of uncleared sidewalks. People can do that through using UPLNK or by calling 402-441-7541.