Deer harvesting numbers decreased in 2021

Last year, hunters harvested 42,078 deer during the nine-day season, while in 2021, only 37,053 deer were harvested. 
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s initial deer harvesting check-in numbers show a 12% decrease in statewide harvest compared to 2020.

Last year, hunters harvested 42,078 deer during the nine-day season. While in 2021, hunters only harvested 37,053 deer. NGPC says the overall statewide trend has decreased compared to previous years.

Region deer harvesting varied throughout the state, southwestern Nebraska deer harvesting was down 19% from 2020 and the northeastern district was down 15%. NGPC believes several different factors contributed to the decline in deer harvesting.

“Considering the increases in antlerless harvest in the southwest due to depredation management, it’s not surprising harvest numbers would trend downward as those deer populations decline,” said Luke Meduna, big game program manager for NGPC.

NGPC also says whitetail populations suffered due to an increase in epizootic hemorrhagic disease reports.

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