Delivering Safe: How USPS has adapted since the pandemic

As Nebraska residents are urged to stay home, families are relying on delivery services, and a main contributor to our daily deliveries is the United States Postal Service (USPS).With over 600,000 employees, USPS has implemented new procedures to help protect their workers, such as knocking rather than touching doorbells and placing deliveries in a safe area rather than directly handing it over.

Inside post offices, there is a ten customer limit. When bringing in an item to be delivered, you’ll be asked to place it on the counter, then to step back so the employee can assess the package while adhering to social distancing guidelines.USPS has also distributed millions of masks and gloves to employees. In addition to cleaning products to more than 30,000 locations.

But, as consumers, what can we do to help protect these essential workers? Well, USPS asks that you don’t approach employees to take any deliveries. Instead wait for them to leave the mailbox area before collecting.

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