Downtown Lincoln restaurants prepare for large crowds ahead of College GameDay


Local businesses are gearing up for a high volume of customers to come through downtown Lincoln this weekend.

Not only is there a ton of fans coming but celebrities are coming to town, a basketball game on Friday and a football game on Saturday.

Restaurants will serve thousands in the next two days.

A partner at Buzzard Billy’s said the staff is stuffing coolers and fridges full for the weekend. They are preparing to sell 20 percent more beer and food than a regular game day.

“With this special game day coming up, with people coming in early for game day and the excitement around, you know Scott Frost and Nebraska football,” said Stephen Engel. “I believe that we’ll do a week and a half worth of work and sales will be up by thirty percent.”

An owner at Buffalo Wings and Rings says on a game day, business is 40 times busier than a normal one up to 15 hundred people will go through its doors.

“I think we have close to like 2,500 pounds of chicken in our walk–in cooler. We would normally never have that but we will go through quite a bit of chicken tomorrow. It puts a little stress on everybody but its a very fun day for all of our staff.”

A group came from Florida to root for the Huskers and one of the guys says its a tradition they started 15 years ago.

“We just got here but downtown seems great the people are nice,” said Paul Pappas, a member of the group.  “The goal is just getting into town, start drinking, meeting people and having fun.”

Both business owners say they will also be selling food in the streets and agree that game day is gearing up to be a great one for businesses downtown.

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