Drowsy driving as dangerous as driving drunk

Courtesy: AAA

Posted By: Nicole Cousins


In a new study released by AAA, drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving drunk.

"Drivers missing 2–3 hours of sleep in a 24–hour period more than quadrupled their risk of a crash," AAA public affairs director Rose White said.

That’s the same crash risk the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says drunk drivers have.

AAA tested people who got less sleep and compared their different crash risks.

Results show getting less than 4 hours of sleep increases your crash risk nearly 12 times.

Even those who sleep between 6 and 7 hours increase their probability of causing an accident.

"97 percent of drivers told the AAA foundation they view drowsy driving as a completely unacceptable behavior that is a serious threat to their safety,” White said. “But nearly 1 in 3 admit that at least once in the past month they drove when they were so tired they had a hard time keeping their eyes open."

Triple a says the danger is especially apparent in Nebraska, where many travelers and semi truck drivers utilize I–80 to get across the country.

“For any of those who are involved in long distance drives especially at night especially in monotonous areas where there’s not a lot that will keep them alert,” White said.

AAA says 1 in 5 fatal accidents are caused by drowsy driving.

They say great ways to keep yourself alert while driving include drinking caffeine, taking breaks while driving, and travel during those hours that you’re normally awake.

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