Dry, yet pleasant ending to September

Windy conditions around the area will continue Monday, but gusts will not be as strong as they were over the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday saw wind gusts recorded over 30 mph in Lincoln, but models show possible gusts for the beginning of the week to be around 20 mph.

A rapid change in the pressure across a smaller area can cause stronger winds, which is how we have been seeing greater wind gusts along with daytime mixing. The change in pressure associated with a low is off to our east, and will eventually progress for winds to calm again by the middle of the week.

Dma Tonight Low

Monday will start the work week with cooler temperatures than the 80s and 90s seen this weekend. Skies will be mostly sunny for another pleasant afternoon as dewpoints remain low as well. Much of what we see tomorrow will be similar in the days ahead for the end of September.

Skycast Tomorrow

Again, wind gusts tomorrow will not be as strong but we could see gusts around 20 mph. The winds will calm through the evening hours and then pick up again in the early afternoon, a usual shift from nighttime to daytime.

Jess Model Wind

The forecast, unfortunately, still remains dry through the beginning of October. Highs will be in the low to mid 70s for the majority of the next 10 days. We can expect a good mix of sun and clouds great for outside sporting events and walks in the park.

Meteorologist Jessica Blum

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