Elliott Rustad, M.D.

Elliott Rustad, M.D. leads the Rustad Dermatology team in providing patients with discrete, personalized care. He has built his practice on the philosophy of holistic patient care, rather than as a progression of procedures. As one of  the best trained and most experienced dermatologists in Nebraska, Dr. Elliott Rustad is a renowned leader in the treatment of skin cancer, acne treatment and all types of skin ailments and unusual dermatoses.

He is board certified with more than 40 years of experience. This experience allows him to quickly diagnose and treat conditions that are unfamiliar to less experienced physicians. Dr. Rustad prides himself on the fact that he sees each and every patient in his practice's care. Never will patients see a physician's assistant.

Dr. Rustad's career began in Santa Clara County Hospital where he completed three years of emergency room experience in San Jose. He also worked at Saint Mary's Hospital and Fairview Hospitals in Minneapolis. While there, he regularly attended dermatology clinics, conducted consulting assignments and performed dermatological services, functioning as a resident through the Stafford Residency Program.

During medical school, Dr. Rustad served two years as a general intern in Deacones Hospital in Minneapolis. He completed a two-year research project for the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota Hospital, attending teaching sessions, hospital events and ground rounds.

Dr. Rustad established his own histopathology laboratory in Lincoln, Nebraska and read more than sixty thousand histopathic slides. He was qualified to become a Board Certified Dermatopathologist.

Dr. Rustad brought Mohs technique of microscopically monitored cancer removal to Nebraska. This technique has produced a near 100% cure rate for basal and squamous cell carcinomas. We believe that this office was the first in the world to employ fresh tissue Mohs technique.

Beyond usual dermatologic training, Dr. Rustad has had an unusual amount of training in allergy, podiatry, oral pathology and plastic surgery. During his dermatology residency, Dr. Rustad was made chief resident at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Minneapolis in his second year. Clinics quadrupled, hospital stays were reduced from an average of 67 days to 5 days, and the budget was reduced $160,000 in one year. In his third year, Dr. Rustad was named chief resident at Henepin and Ramsey County Hospitals.

Dr. Rustad studied radiation therapy in St. Paul, Minneapolis and Sioux City, using superficial x-ray, radium and radon. He treated two hundred cases with radiation therapy. Dr. Rustad spent six months in a small town general practice in Minnesota before relocating to Nebraska.

His local office, at 1919 South 40th Street, Suite 330, is a state-of-the-art facility. It features two surgical suites and the latest in laser technology. This office allows him to treat many conditions without the expense or inconvenience of hospitalization.

If a hospital visit is required, Dr. Rustad maintains privileges at Bryan LGH and St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. He also offers free periodic cancer screening to individuals and businesses and has long provided low-cost acne treatment for college students.

Dr. Rustad is a long-time member of the Lancaster Medical Society, the Minnesota Medical Society, the Missouri Valley Dermatological Society and the American Dermatological Society.

Dr. Rustad and his wife, Lynne, are involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other local charities. They have four children: Troy, Todd, Ann and Zac.