Fallen soldiers children ride horses in Marquette

A Soldier’s Child foundation partnered with Timberland Ranch camp to provide a safe space for military kids to just be kids.

Twenty children will spend three days learning how to ride horses make crafts and express their feelings.

Ones often forgotten are the children left behind after a military member dies. A Soldier’s Child foundation aims to support them after losing a loved one.

Nine year-old Kacilina Poloard remembers her father who served and was killed in the U.S. Air Force.

“One thing that we always did together was daddy-daughter dances,” said Poloard.

She adds her mom is glad she has a place to go where kids like her meet.

“We call it a safe place because we are allowed to talk about things,” said Poloard. “Like in school we might get embarrassed and stuff, they might laugh at us and here they won’t do any of that.”

Dustin Vonloh, 9,  who’s father died a month before he was born, says riding the horses is therapeutic.

“Horses help you calm down and they can show your feelings and help you feel better,” said Vonloh.

The founder of the organization says horse riding is fun, yes, but the camp’s mission is to help the children bond with others.

“Really what happens here is they build life–long friendships,” said Daryl Mackin. “Because pulling them out from their states and their communities and then bringing them together– they share the loss of a military parent and through that, they find healing in one another.”

For more information about A Soldier’s Child foundation visit https://www.asoldierschild.org/.

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