Fischer a ‘yes’ on Kavanaugh confirmation vote

Senator Deb Fischer says she plans to vote to confirm embattled Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 

The Nebraska senator told Channel 8 Eyewitness News’ radio partner KLIN that she’s sympathetic toward Doctor Christine Blasey-Ford, but says she thinks Kavanaugh should be confirmed. 

“We have seen no corroboration from witnesses that Professor Ford named that where there,” says Fischer.

Fischer said she looks forward to reviewing the FBI report on sexual assault allegations made against Kavanaugh.

She added in her interview with KLIN that she shares South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s view that the process had become a “circus” she thinks the Judge is now the victim of a Democratic delay tactic.

“The playbook here seems to be delay, delay, delay and we’ve seen that from the beginning,” she said. 

Fischer says she’s been frustrated by the entire confirmation process, saying to showed a lack of respect for both Doctor Forde and Judge Kavanaugh.

She acknowledges rhetoric on Capitol Hill has become even more partisan during the confirmation process and believes a step back from tensions is necessary.


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