‘Four more years!’: Trump supporters protest outside Nebraska’s Capitol


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — In Lincoln, residents reacted to the news out of Washington. Trump supporters held a protest at the Capitol and counter-protesters soon joined in.

Hundreds of peaceful protesters were out, rallying for what they believed in Saturday afternoon. Nearly 200 of which were Trump supporters.

One of them was Chairman of Nebraska Log Cabin Republicans Tim Davis helped to organize the rally.

“We’re just raising awareness of what we feel is going on with the election right now,” Commented Davis. “We’re not 100% sure on the voter fraud, because there’s still no physical proof for that. There’s a lot of questions out there that need to be answered.”

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Those who joined Davis at the rally shared the same message, calling for a fair election.

“This election is a sham, there’s too many shennanigans going on,” said one Trump supporter.

Another supporter alleged “Democrats stole the election. we’re here to tell people we’re not going to take it. we’ve had enough.”

But, across the street was a different scene.

“I’m simply out here for the simple fact that there are people in this city, and not even from this city who seem to think that democracy is something that they can choose to take whenever they feel like they’ve lost,” explained one counter-protester. “When they feel like power has been taken from them, they take power.”

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Makayla Sutton, a part of the counter-protest, stated, “Biden won, so I don’t know why they’re all out here. you know just embarrassing.”

Two different sides with two different messages. But one veteran says he’s happy to see people taking advantage of their first amendment rights.

“I love both sides, and I’ll tell you why. I served this country proudly, and I served for their right to be over there and do that, but i also served this country,” said Steve. “I have friends in the ground who served this country for their to be a free, legitamate election.”

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Yes, there was yelling and cars honking, but more importantly, moments of people coming together.

A few individuals even bridging the gap over the right to bear arms.

“Two americans, just loving each other, loving the second amendment, knowing that there’s no hatred besides political. that’s all this is. it’s all political,” said one protester.

“We can have differences no mater what, but everybody’s got to be protected. everybody got to be safe. no matter what.”

“We might disagree, but we can all love each other, and I mean that’s just it man.”

Our Channel 8 reporter on scene estimates about 200 Trump supporters have gathered at the steps of the Capitol building.

Protesters being singing the National Anthem, while counter-protesters take a knee.

Live update from our on scene reporter.

Counter-protesters have now arrived at what is now referred to as the ‘Stop the Steal Rally.’

Lincoln citizens take to the Capitol steps following the projected Biden-Harris win.

Many expressing concern for voter fraud as they chant ‘four more years’ in reference to President Donald Trump.

According to the Facebook group that organized the rally, it will be a “peaceful protest in support of our President Donald J. Trump. We can not allow this election to be hijacked.”

We have a reporter on scene and will keep you updated as the protest develops.

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