Full moon tonight; warm again Sunday

The first day of the warmer stretch came Saturday afternoon for most of the state, but it was especially warm in southeast Nebraska. Highs near Falls City reached the mid-50s, while Lincoln recorded 50°F for a high just before about 3 p.m. A more detailed look at highs across the state can be found below:

Temperature Data Set

The mild temperatures were above normal by ~13°, which will contribute to a milder evening. Despite clear skies, it will take time for temperatures to drop through the 30s overnight. Lows will drop to the mid and upper 20s before we warm again on Sunday.

Jess Tonight Hour By Hour

The next full moon of the year officially comes by 12:28 p.m. (during the day) on Sunday, so it’ll be full by the naked eye for both Saturday and Sunday evenings. The best weather for viewing it looks to be Saturday night, with mostly clear skies before clouds come back into play Sunday night.

This full moon, the only full moon of February, is also known as the “Snow Moon.”

Full Moon Forecast

Again, the warmth and sunshine continue to trend into the end of the weekend, making Sunday another day to get outside. Winds will be calmer throughout the day.

Dma Tomorrow High

Mild temperatures, above normal for this time of year, are expected to stick with us through the majority of the upcoming week, too. We first have a small, isolated rain chance Monday, before a better chance for precipitation comes Wednesday into Thursday. With that system still being a ways out, there could still be more changes to the forecast as we get closer.

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