Gateway Mall welcomes shoppers back after temporary shutdown

"I feel no threat," said Karen Kruger. "As long as we do social distancing, it'll be fine."
Mall Reopen

Shoppers once again walked the halls of Lincoln’s Gateway Mall on Friday.

The mall had temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 concerns.

Several precautionary measures were in place, including hand sanitizer stations and signs with health and safety messages.

Some shoppers told Channel 8 Eyewitness News they had no qualms about going back to the stores with the new precautions in place.

“I feel no threat,” said Karen Kruger. “As long as we do social distancing, it’ll be fine.”

While not all stores are back open, the ones that are welcomed customers with open arms.

Landon Larsen, manager of Riddle’s Jewelry, says the store implemented its own policies and health measures to keep customers and employees safe.

“There’s always a risk when you come back and there’s concern,” Larsen said. “But we want to get back to life as normal and so you kind of have to weigh the risk of potentially getting the virus or the economy not getting back open.”

All parking lots at the mall will be open, but customers are asked to maintain six feet of distance between cars.

The mall is recommending people wear face masks.

Individual stores could limit the number of customers allowed inside, and lines with social distancing markers will be set up outside some stores.

Restaurants may be open in different capacities, and interior seating is not currently allowed.

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