Gov. Ricketts fires back at UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green

Gov. Ricketts says he 'lost all faith' in Chancellor Green, but hasn't called for his resignation

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Gov. Pete Ricketts is still not backing down on his criticism of UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green and his University’s Diversity Plan.

“I’ve lost all faith in Ronnie Green because he misled me with regard to what this program is about, and it’s about critical race theory,” says Gov. Ricketts.

Ricketts wouldn’t say if he thinks Chancellor Green should resign, like State Senators Steve Erdman and Steve Halloran are suggesting. Ricketts also takes issue with American anti-racist activist, Ibram Kendi, that’s cited in the initiative who he says believes in discrimination.

That quote has since been removed from the plan, however, the governor still has concerns, especially about critical race theory.

“So it undermines, and really betrays the whole Civil Rights era and Martin Luther King who believed that people should be judged,” says Gov. Ricketts. “That was his dream, that his children would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

Chancellor Green responded to the governor’s criticism of UNL’s plan earlier this week.

“I do not believe that UNL is racist, nothing could be further from the truth,” says Green.

The plan can be found in full on UNL’s website and provides updates on the progress of its many initiatives that Chancellor Green hopes will reaffirm to students that the University is there to support you no matter your background.

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