Governor Pete Ricketts gives state of the State address

"Nebraska is what America is supposed to be"

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Governor Pete Ricketts gave examples of how he wants to provide additional tax relief, invest in Nebraska’s natural resources, and strengthen public safety during his state of the State address.

Tax relief is important to Governor Ricketts, as he spoke on ways to help businesses, those on social security, and property owners save money.

“This is the people’s money. We must support tax relief that puts this money back into the pockets of the people,” said Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska.

Strengthening public safety in Nebraska was another top priority for the governor, as he plans to spend millions in different areas of law enforcement.

“$47.7 million to the expansion of a law enforcement training center in Grand Island,” said Gov. Ricketts.

He gave support on what has so far been a controversial topic, concerning the state’s correctional system.

“A modern correctional facility will give our inmates a better quality of life. Modernizing our state penitentiary will allow us to offer enhanced services and programming to prepare men there for life after time served,” said the governor.

This possibly foreshadows how he hopes LB 496, dealing with the collection of DNA goes, as senators start debate on that bill on Tuesday.

“I am also requesting $16.9 million to enhance our state crime lab. Which analyzes forensic and physical evidence to better secure justice for victims of crime,” said Gov. Ricketts.

He hopes a good chunk of the American Rescue Plan Act funding will go towards helping Nebraska’s water supply.

“To secure Nebrakas water supply, I’m recommending 500 million dollars to construct a canal and a water reservoir system for the south Platt river. Access to this water enables our farmers and ranchers to produce. It provides for quality drinking water,” said Gov. Ricketts.

One controversial topic brought up in his proposal was the recommendation of $60 million going to low-income education assistance programs.  That money would be used by families to help further their child’s education.  People opposed to this idea worry families can use the money to take their children to private schools, but Governor Ricketts feels the money could also be used in other ways, such as helping families pay for tutors.

He ended his speech by saying, “Nebraska is what America is supposed to be.”

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