Home decor superstore officially opens in Lincoln

The doors are officially open to a new Lincoln business called *At Home.*

It specializes in all of your home good needs, and it calls itself the home décor superstore.

A lot of people were so excited to check it out, they came early.

“We drove in yesterday and we ran into the security guy and he said, ‘I’m sorry to tell you, but were closed.’ So we said, well when do you open, and he said, ‘tomorrow morning at 8:30.’ So here we are, and they’re still not open, they’re open at noon, so I guess we will have to come back at noon,” said Ardyce Pullick.

The store offers home décor of all kinds, including furniture, rugs, wall decorations, kitchen and dining, patio and garden and more.

A few eager shoppers said they’re looking forward to seeing what the store has to offer.

“I was coming to this side of town today anyway, so I thought I’d just whip in and just see what it was all about,” said Linda West.

“I was anxious to see what kind of furniture and items they have in the store,” said Vicki Halscrom.

“We’re looking for some decorating items, just to see what they’ve got,” said Pullick.

Some of the shoppers had previously been to the At Home location in Omaha, and were quick to point out that this new location, near 27th and Pine Lake, where the old Shopko used to be, will make things more convenient.

“It’s absolutely wonderful, because now we don’t have to go to Omaha or other states to get decorating items for our homes,” said Shari Anderson.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, At Home is located near 27th and Pine Lake road.

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