Hundreds walk to end sex trafficking in Lincoln


Hundreds took a step together to stop sex trafficking in Lincoln.

Today, a crowd marched to the capital in the Walk for Freedom 2019-No Girl For Sale.

The crowd on Sunday walked from the UNL campus to the state capitol to raise awareness about sex trafficking in Lincoln.

The fundraiser supports outreach and services to fight for women in Nebraska.

Two local women joined in after seeing the event on social media, Njali Ohs and Kathryn Voigt.

“We just have heard about it multiple times through my church and then it’s just been online a lot,” said Ohs. “So it was a cause that we really believed in, felt strongly about and just wanted to come out and support.”

An organization called I’ve Got A Name, posted on its site that around 200 girls are sold in Lincoln each month.

 I’ve Got A Name is working to put an end to that, providing services to those who need it after experiencing trauma.

“We work with a number of women that now have come forward and work with our outreach director and now we’re helping them provide services to help them recover from the psychological troubles,” said Bob Burton, founder of  I’ve Got A Name. “What we’re trying to do is raise awareness that we have this issue in Lincoln.”

He adds the issue is also a problem for the county and the entire state.

Voigt adds she feels every person has a right to be safe.

“Because we were so blessed to have such a great safety bubble and community when we were here in Lincoln, we feel that everyone deserves that right,” said Voigt. “Not just in Lincoln but everywhere.”

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