Husker fan loses diamond ring during College GameDay

A husker fan from Tennessee needs your help. She lost her diamond ring this past weekend during ESPN’s College GameDay.

“That’s what breaks my heart, it’s not really replaceable, I mean yes it physically could be replaced but it’s just not the same thing,” Elizabeth Browder said.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News spoke to Browder by phone from her home in Tennessee.

She was staying in the Haymarket during game day this past weekend. She woke up early to work out and put her ring in her pocket.

During her run, she stopped to capture the scene at College GameDay. She soon noticed the ring was missing.

“It was just something that means a lot, I would like to be able to pass it on to my daughter one day and just to know that it’s just kind of gone,” Browder said.

So far, she has been in contact with police and retraced her steps several times around the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The diamond ring was a 20th wedding anniversary gift from her husband. Browder says it doesn’t matter what it’s worth, it’s the sentimental value that means the most to her.

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