Husker fans react to heartbreaking loss against Colorado

There was no shortage of Husker fans Saturday at the Railyard to watch the big rivalry game against Colorado.

What started as a promising first half quickly turned sour in the second as the Huskers lost their 17 and zero lead they held up until the third quarter against the Colorado Buffaloes.

“We look like a different team in the second half. Defense played really well in the first half, offense was making big plays, had a lot of big play makers but we just couldn’t quite handle the second half,” Husker fan Clark Bredthauer said.

Devastation filled the air as the Buffaloes scored touchdown after touchdown and a field goal to close the gap and tie the game in the third.

As both teams continued to score throughout the fourth and into overtime, a heartbreaking missed field goal would leave Nebraska fans speechless.

“Honestly everybody here is pretty devastated. There’s no reason for us to lose and we gotta go back and do something right now. I’m a loss for words right now,” Husker fan Zach Martin said.

despite it all, fans still expressed their feelings for their beloved Huskers.

As for what to expect in three weeks when the Huskers take on currently ranked number 5 Ohio State?

“Ohio State coming to my hometown? My ‘skers are going to win baby. Ohio State has no chance in Lincoln, bring them here, bring them here,” Lincoln native Jaret Leive said.

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